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About us

Lin Industrial is a team of engineers experienced in engineering work of any complexity. Our staff are highly qualified specialists, most coming from the aerospace industry. We are not afraid to keep up with the times and use only the most advanced design tools and technologies.

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Carrying out research and development for aerospace, heavy industries and constructions, releasing design documentation, creating engineering visualization and providing construction and manufacturing estimates.


Developing software to solve specific engineering problems, creating software systems tailored to manage specific technological processes, based on programmable controllers. Low level microcontrollers programming.


Making prototypes using latest advances in manufacturing, including selective laser sintering (3D printing) and multi-coordinate CNC machining.


Фото Александра Ильина

Alexander Ilyin

Chief Designer

A graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He was awarded the certificate of honor of the Federal Space Agency "For many years of fruitful work in the field of creation and use of rocket space technology."

Фото Дмитрия Воронцова

Dmitry Vorontsov

Lead Engineer

Rocket design engineer. A space launch technologies expert . Worked as an engineer in the Volga branch of RSC "Energia" which was a chief company in the "Energiya-Buran" space launch system cooperation.

Фото Сергея Журина

Sergey Zhurin

Design Engineer

PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Worked in RSC "Energia" as a Senior Researcher in the Aero- and Gas dynamics and Heat Transfer departments. In addition, he took part in the parachute systems design at the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction.

Фото Виктора Шкурова

Viktor Shkurov

Design Engineer

Свыше двадцати лет работал инженером на отраслевых предприятиях, специалист по двигательным установкам. Имеет большой опыт разработки турбонасосных агрегатов.

Фото Алексея Мишукова

Alexey Mishukov

Electronics Specialist

Avionics specialist. A graduate of the Moscow Polytechnic University. Chief Designer in the “Motohrom” LLC.

Фото Ильи Булыгина

Ilya Buligin

Software Developer

General design and  software developer specialist. A graduate of the Poltava National Technical University, has extensive experience as a leading engineer in the metallurgy.

Why us?


Out team is agile and everyone is an engineer. There are no “just managers” - for each task, there is an appointed lead who is acting as “playing coach”!

Technologies / Technology

CAD, CAE, CFD are not just fancy buzzwords for us. We design with the cutting-edge tools which are relevant to the end of 2018 and understand the needs of business’ and manufacturers.


Our team is agile and small, so  we can carry out the work quickly and efficiently. At the same time, when necessary we cooperate with additional specialists and companies.

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